Project Description

Destination British Columbia recently held an Inspiration Day and invited a few staff from Destination Canada along. Here are some notes from that day along with some simple visuals.

Say one thing beautifully:

This is about stripping back all of your messaging and focusing on the one thing you have to say and saying it well. If you do that. All of the other pieces will fit in naturally.

There is no such thing as good content:

This is about the subjectivity of ‘good content’ and allowing one or a few people to be the arbitrer of good content. Content that resonates with someone can take many shapes and forms. If we want to get to good content then we need to know our objectives, our publisher partners, and our audience. It’s at the intersections of these three things that we can find places to create content for our audiences.

Always talking about conversion gets dull, people aren’t always looking to buy:

Take a step back and consider your day and all of the content you consume. How much of this do you want to be about conversion/buying something? So in your marketing/content don’t always push conversion.

Every piece of content needs to provide value:

If we are producing content of no defined value to our audience then why are we creating it at all? And if we can get better about defining what that value should be – then we’ll produce better content.

If you’re customer centric, experience everything you do first hand:

Fairly self explanatory. Think through everything you do and challenge how it will fit feel for your customer. Or make them think. Or make them do.